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We need to be more fiscally responsible with taxpayer money and pass reforms to attract businesses to come here. I’m running for state senate to promote the values I believe in. I’m pro-life, I support the Second Amendment, and I’m a fiscal conservative.

Turning our State Around

Steve is dedicated to ending the toxic business environment and beginning the process of turning our state’s finances around. Steve will focus on passing reforms and cutting government waste. He will push to move state jobs from Chicago back to our area.

Fighting to Reduce Crime

Steve served as a prosecutor for almost six years. Steve wants to help reform our juvenile and criminal justice systems as well as our drug treatment programs to save us money, turnaround lives, and make us safer.

Sharing our Conservative Values

Steve was born and raised in the 50th Senate District and has lived in Illinois all his life. Steve is a conservative Republican who supports traditional family values, the Second Amendment, and wants to make Illinois a place where people choose to stay.

Protecting Our Schools

Steve will support our local schools and fight to make sure that they get their fair share of education funding.